Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Cameron speaking at the Conservative club

From Conservative Home

What are the party's clear and simple messages?
Conservatives want to give people more control over their lives.

We want to encourage a new generation of homeowners.
Check, but how pay?

We want headteachers to have more control over their schools.
Big Check

We want real choice for patients.
Not sure what this really means.

Tax is too high and so we will share the proceeds of growth.
Who will have it cut? Does he think City salaries represent a free market? (it didn't when I was paying salesmen not to take their clients away)

We will mend Britain's broken society. In the 1970s the problem was irresponsible unions - today it's irresponsible parents. Then it was inflation. Now it's crime.
So are things ALWAYS crap? Will he admit that some of the 'breaking' happened when unemployment increased by 2m in 2 years?

The overall aim is a safer, greener country. Conservatives will tax pollution - not families.
Like it. But will he add 10p to a litre of petrol?

Opportunity, Responsibility and Family are the new Conservative watchwords.

Overall, not a bad message, you might expect from a PR guru. The question is whether he represents 20 or 70% of his party, or whether there is as large a wing of Mail-ite/blogosphere-like ultras saying "we'll nod along to this guff till we get back".

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Jackart said...

"Will he admit that some of the 'breaking' happened when unemployment increased by 2m in 2 years?"

He has done so, explicitly, on numerous occasions.