Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Oh s***e I'm becoming biased

I was determined that this blog should in some way live up to its title. I have been a swing voter, and intend to genuinely consider my political affiliation as being up for grabs, particularly given the immersion in politics I hope to achieve in the next few months. But instead I have just been blowing off about how unpleasant the more reactionary kind of Tory columnist is. As if that gets any marks for originality.

So, I should remember some of the things about the Left that most irritate me:

- the assumption that all money-making is zero-sum, stealing, rather than often a reward for innovation, hard work and skill
- denying the individual basic liberties like the right to spend your money on your kid's education
- control from the centre - ethical authoritarianism
- disingenuous attitudes towards war e.g. if you order soldiers into war you are a murderer
- failing to grasp the usefulness of market mechanisms and how this does not mean you are a fascist. E.g. student fees are a GOOD idea.

If I had the eons of time of other bloggers I would no doubt link to examples of each of these, but you get my drift.


Jackart said...

Oh and in answer to your question to the right: Am I a Tory, Libertarian or Blowhard blogger?

All three.

I am a Tory, tribally and unashamedly. I am a libertarian with a major problem with authority and a conviction that the state should get off everyone's backs. And I say things in an immoderate way - see the strapline.

I don't try to please anyone. In fact I'm genuinely surprised that I get as little critical comment as I do. But there you go. This is all good fun. Don't take it so seriously!

Jackart said...

You'll get good with google and find it becomes very quick to find the article you read three months ago...

Links are important though.