Sunday, 23 September 2007

Oh s***e I'm becoming biased part II

My problem is I'm a contrarian, most likely to find out his own views by reading what he disagrees with. So if I read Right, I go Left, and so on.

To remind myself that a fair amount I agree with is, if not classic Tory then at least anti-Brownite centralizing socialist-paternalistic nonsense, the Centre Forum has given me more to agree with (OK, it may be a Lib Dem thing, but the small right wing of that small party). And this effort from Civitas is going to get my donations (I may see if I can support one supplementary school), partly because it's a clear good cause, but also because one of my few convictions are that education should be a let-us-alone issue (after giving us some money because of social externalities). Civitas reads like a libertarian blog at times, but was started by a Labour man and has a clear concern with the less well off.

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